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Legal and Expert Witness:

Dr Hart’s work in forensic settings has given him experience in the assessment of physical and sexual violence and he provides expert witness opinion for solicitors and local authorities on matters pertaining to the assessment of adults for criminal court, family court and parole boards.

Dr Hart is also available for medical-legal work and is able to give an expert opinion on the psychological impact of traumas and physical injuries.

Costs for legal work depends on the complexity of the case and the questions to be asked and answered. Please contact Dr Hart directly should you wish to discuss a quote and completion times for a specific piece of legal work. 

For client's who are not is custody, Dr Hart expects that they will be seen in the offices of the referring Solicitor and not in his therapeutic space.

Expert witness, Legal aid rate: £90 per hour

Expert witness, private rate: £125 per hour

For expert witness work, reading is charged at a rate of 50 A4 pages per hour

Travel time to the assessment is charged at £45ph

Millage is charged at £0.45 per mile, or the face cost if public transport is used.

For Forensic assessments, where the client is not in custody, Dr Hart will normally request to see the client at their solicitor's offices. Forensic assessment clients may be seen in Dr Hart's therapeutic space depebding on the nature of the case. If space is not available in the solicitor's office or Dr Hart's office, it will remain the responsibility of the solicitor to obtain space elsewhere.

If you would like to request a quote for expert witness work, please get in contact using the 'Contact' section.

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